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2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Education Major

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Program Chair: Dr. Michael Milburn

Degree Types: Bachelor of Science (default) or Bachelor of Arts (alternative)


The Language and Literature Department strives to develop a true community of learners where a working knowledge of literary history and literary analysis gives students a home in their own culture and makes them careful and compassionate judges of human nature.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program:

  • Students can demonstrate knowledge of the mechanical, historical, and rhetorical significance of language usage.
  • Students can identify and explain the formal elements of texts and how they contribute to a text’s meaning.
  • Students can demonstrate an understanding of a wide range of traditions, periods, movements, authors, genres, and works of literature.
  • Students can persuasively explain literary value in terms of aesthetics and other literary theories.
  • Students can produce relevant, credible, eloquent, and well-researched arguments about literary texts.
  • Students can develop curricular strategies for the teaching of English to secondary school audiences.  

There are additional academic policies which apply to all education majors. Please review those policies on the Education: Graduate Programs  page.

Major Requirements

Required Courses:

Two Advanced Topics Courses Selected From:

Required Education Coursework:

Total: 132 Semester Credits

Program length: 4 academic years / 128 weeks

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