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2019 - 2020 Catalog 
2019 - 2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Nurse Educator, M.S.N.

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The nurse educator program of study prepares nurses for leadership roles in practice and academic settings by emphasizing curricular design, teaching strategies, and assessment of learning measures.

Two practicum courses provide the student with the opportunity to identify and partner with one or both of the following:

  • a nursing program and an experienced nurse educator to participate in direct classroom and nursing practice instruction;
  • a nurse educator within a healthcare organization to participate in continuing education and professional development of practicing nurses.

Nurse Educator Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrates an expanded knowledge base of the art and science of nursing.
  • Creates teaching environments, established by nursing standards, which incorporate the application of learning theories, implementation implementation of varied teaching strategies, and use of diverse evaluation methods.
  • Evaluates curricular design in regard to the student experience, the achievement of program outcomes, and the attainment of accreditation standards.
  • Illustrates the nurse educator’s responsibility to foster professional competence, behavior, and role socialization of students in teaching/learning milieus.
  • Understands the role of the nurse educator in student development of intra- and interprofessional communication skills to advance the delivery of safe patient care.
  • Recognizes how political, institutional, societal, and economic forces influence the role of the nurse educator.
  • Prioritizes the nurse educator’s role as a change agent and facilitator of innovation through the utilization of servant leadership principles and the Benedictine values.
  • Articulates a commitment to the practice of lifelong learning to maintain competence as a nurse educator, cultivate nursing knowledge, and promote the scholarship of nursing.

Major Requirements

Orientation Course

Required Courses:

Nurse Educator Specialty Courses

Capstone Option

(choose one)

1. Thesis

Program Assessment Course

Total: 38 Semester Credits

Program length: 2 academic years / 5 semesters / 80 weeks

Experiential Hours: 500

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