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2020 - 2021 Catalog 
2020 - 2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mental Health Studies, M.S.

Faculty: Holter, Meidinger (chair), Wilson

Degree Type: Master of Science


The Mental Health Studies major is a non-licensure eligible master’s degree available as an alternative degree completion path for students who are enrolled as master’s degree-seeking students in the Graduate Counseling Program, but who are unable or unwilling to complete the required clinical mental health, addiction, or school counseling internship. To be eligible for the Mental Health Studies Major, students must successfully complete all Graduate Counseling Program requirements except for the internship.

Students who choose this degree option will not be able to return later and convert the Master of Science with a major in Mental Health Studies to a Master of Science with a major in Counseling degree. However, students may reapply as non-degree seeking in the future, complete their missing internship(s), and be eligible for counseling licensure (depending on state licensing board requirements).


Program Requirements


Students must receive approval from their advisor in order to be eligible to declare the M.S. in Mental Health Studies (MHS) as their program of study. For the M.S. in MHS, students must complete all of the requirements for the M.S. in Counseling, minus completion of the internship requirements.

See program requirements here:

Counseling, M.S.