Jan 30, 2023  
2022 - 2023 Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Catalog
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NUR 242 - Nursing Fundamentals

This course introduces the student to the role of the professional nurse as provider of patient-centered care. There is an emphasis on knowledge, judgments, skills, and professional values within a framework of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN). Topics include the nursing process; accident and injury prevention; communication skills including documentation; and nursing care interventions. Laboratory experiences provide the opportunity to learn, practice, document, and demonstrate nursing skills in a controlled environment.

6 Semester Credit(s)

Crosslisted with: N/A
Laboratory/Experience Hours N/A
Prerequisite(s): N/A
Corequisite(s): N/A
Repeatable for Credit No
Core Course No
Grade Type LT

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