Feb 04, 2023  
2020 - 2021 Catalog 
2020 - 2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SCI 201 - Earth Science

Designed primarily for non-science majors. The course will provide an understanding of fundamental concepts of astronomy, geology, and environmental sciences (meteorology, hydrology, atmospheric and surface processes, etc.). Emphasis will be placed on the relevance of earth science to everyday life and physical environment.

4 Semester Credit(s)

Crosslisted with: N/A
Laboratory/Experience Hours 2 laboratory hours
Prerequisite(s): MAT 103 , MAT 107 , equivalent coursework, or instructor consent
Corequisite(s): N/A
Repeatable for Credit No
Core Course Yes. Core Elective. Fulfills lab science
Grade Type LT

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