May 29, 2023  
2020 - 2021 Catalog 
2020 - 2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CTH 498 - Integrating Capstone Seminar

Interdisciplinary dialogue concerning the application of Catholic thought and culture to different professions, disciplines, vocations, and states in life. Special attention given to the tasks of the New Evangelization. Taken senior year. Required advanced course for Catholic Studies major.

3 Semester Credit(s)

Crosslisted with: N/A
Laboratory/Experience Hours N/A
Prerequisite(s): CTH 101 , two 200-level CTH courses, and two 300-level CTH courses
Corequisite(s): N/A
Repeatable for Credit No
Core Course Yes. Core Elective
Grade Type LT

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